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  1. Small business (3398 bytes)
    13: ...e access to a sum at least equal to the projected revenue plus planned expenses for the year.
  2. Supply chain (2026 bytes)
    7: == Costs and revenue ==
    14: ...mer pays for the service or product, generating [[revenue]].
  3. Victimless crime (3067 bytes)
    7: ...d]]. Regulation in this way is not objectionable. Revenue would also be boosted, as would productivity, if ...
  4. Media economics (2677 bytes)
    9: ...ited States]] are responsible for reporting the [[revenue]] generated by the advertising [[industry]] in th...
  5. Cost (1907 bytes)
    10: ...tial cost of capital, while interest is long term revenue expense relating to the capital on each particula...
  6. Timesheet (1972 bytes)
    19: ...g the billing and invoicing process. It increases revenue by automating billing, which leads to fewer human...
  7. Career management (1905 bytes)
    16: ...izes the ability to protect their major source of revenue: Their job.
  8. Airline (3895 bytes)
    1: ... been responsible for a number of airlines losing revenue. The American airline Pan Am, struggled after its...
  9. Stamp collecting (2514 bytes)
    9: ...areas include postage stamps, postage stationary, revenue stamps, postage due stamps, and Federal duck stam...
  10. Mattel (1875 bytes)
    1: '''Mattel''' is the largest revenue earner amongst the toy companies in the world, ba...
  11. J.C. Penney (1610 bytes)
    5: ...departmental stores located all over the US. With revenue exceeding 20 billion dollars, and 147,000 employe...
  12. Testimonial match (1778 bytes)
    9: ... popular with crowds and generate a great deal of revenue.
  13. Wal-Mart (2131 bytes)
    1: ...of the biggest companies of the world in terms of revenue generation. Wal-Mart is also the largest private ...
  14. Great Depression in Australia (3133 bytes)
    15: ...government found itself in the position where tax revenue was falling but the debts they had accumulated in...
  15. Annuity (3175 bytes)
    1: ... States annuity contracts are defined in Internal Revenue Code and carry tax benefits. In addition to the u...
  16. Foreclosure (1970 bytes)
    9: ...ion of the impending auction to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) at least 25 days before the actual aucti...
  17. News release (1997 bytes)
    9: ...ns. Positive publicity results in the increase of revenue generated by for-profit groups, and the increased...
  18. Xerox (2785 bytes)
    1: ...t, the company employs more than 55,000 and earns revenue of nearly $16 billion. The brand name ‘Xerox ...
  19. AdWords (2022 bytes)
    12: ...ices which make up a significant part of Google's revenue. Companies use them extensively to attract better...
  20. Reach (2169 bytes)
    15: a way for advertisers to find ways to increase revenue as they plan their new promotional campaigns.

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