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  1. Celebrity culture (2481 bytes)
    11: ...mous]] individual. The news, and especially the [[tabloid]] news, is often perceived as focusing on the dai...
  2. Journalism (3237 bytes)
    15: ...curacy and editorial control as the newspapers. [[Tabloid]]s are a notable exception to this, as are many b...
  3. Brad Pitt (3324 bytes)
    13: ...nt and split was widely covered by the tabloids. Tabloid coverage was no less massive when Brad married ac...
  4. Naomi Campbell (2529 bytes)
    8: ...he has had several confrontations with the London tabloids and fans who tried to take her picture. The lat...
    10: ==Tabloid Controversy==
    12: ...e of her denial. Campbell filed suit against the tabloid citing “invasion of privacy.” The Mirror had...
  5. Biography (2177 bytes)
    20: ...form of biographical writing also laid the way to tabloid writing.
  6. Psychic TV (2190 bytes)
    10: ...redited as nothing of the sort, but not until the tabloid had repeated much of the allegations against him.
  7. Celebrities (3129 bytes)
    1: ...not only in their time slots but also in the many tabloid news channels that were only produced for us to l...

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