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Statism is an economics related term that also has a place in sociology and oftern appears in education policy. The term has multiple connotations including:

• The simple existence of states • Intervention by a state into matters of economic importance or social affairs • Economists consider statism to be an economy where the dominant role is that of the state. • Economic interventionism is another term frequently used by economics when using the word statism.


In Regards to Socialism and Communism

Communists and socialists are often called statists. It is important to note a few distinguishing factors before assuming the correctness of this statement.

  • Socialists argue against the involvement of the state in personal freedom of individuals in a society.
  • Libertarian socialism refutes the idea of state involvement on any level.
  • Communism is ideally a stateless society in addition to a class-less society. Thus, according to that defining element, communists are not statists.

Is Statism the Same a Collectivism?

Since it is possible to have a commune or some other collection of people that does not have individual states, there exists dispute over whether statism is the same as collectivism.

Is Statism Ethically Correct?

According to some modern philosophers, ethical and moral structure and the rights of the individual is determined by the society in which people live rather then by some absolute force. Thus, the rights are seen not as absolutes but rather as guidelines. Statists believe that assigning the rights and belief structures of an individual is not only the right of the state, but a moral obligation to the people.

Economic Opposition to Statism

Some opponents believe that it is wrong to restrict the freedom of individuals. Still others reject statism for decentralized economic planning and that a free market offers the promise of better results economically. Supporters take the opposite stance, arguing that centralized economic planning produces greater economic benefits than statism ever could for all people.