White noise

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A professional man is shattered when his wife is killed. In time, he believes that she is trying to communicate with him from beyond the grave. And there are those who are dead who seem to have some power over him. His attempts to convince others that the dead have controlled him are futile.


An easygoing architect, Jonathan(Michael Keaton)becomes concerned when his wife, Anna(Chandra West)doesn’t return for days, after visiting a friend. When her body finally turns up--with evidence that she has been savagely murdered--he’s devastated. Although hurt by the loss, learns to take it in stride. Jonathan attempts to piece his life, career and relationship with his son back together.

One day, however, he’s approached by a man named Raymond(Ian McNiece)who informs him that he’s received and recorded voice messages from Jonathan’s dead wife, Anna, through a transmission medium known as EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

At first, Jonathan rejects the whole notion, but later he becomes so intrigued, that he decides to investigate the claim. Soon, he is fixated by the phenomena. Disregarding the advice of a spiritualist, who cautions him about the hazards of communicating with the dead, Jonathan proceeds to delve into the eerie, macabre world of white noise.


Jonathan begins to lose mental balance in his pursuit of continual contact with the dead. Nobody, including his friends and the police, give any credibility to his claim about communicating with those beyond the grave via EVP. Eventually, Jonathan spirals out of control. To Jonathan, the dead are really alive.