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Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685 and was one of the greatest German composers to have ever lived. He is considered the father of the baroque era. He is one of the few that introduced no real new forms, but he did enhance the style of music that was prominent in Germany and all the areas surrounding. He showed mastery to music that very few could ever compete with.


Early years

Bach was a member of one of the most talented musical families of all time. For over two centuries, his family have produced performers and composers that were worthy of attention by the church, the government, and various significant aristocrats. His father was an extremely talented violinist and trumpeter.

Death of mother and father

When Bach was ten years old he suffered the loss of his mother and his father. Bach was forced to live with his older brother. His brother exposed him to a full and lush resource in music. Although, there was also a lot of music that his brother had forbidden him to see, it was this music that Bach copied late at night with only the moon has his lights.

School and scholarship

At the age of fourteen Bach was awarded a scholarship to go to a prominent music school. Not only do they go to the school, but he also utilized this time to gain access to the largest selection of musical instruments in north Germany. He also had access to some of the biggest collections of musical manuscripts in the world.

In court

Shortly after graduating, in 1703, Bach took up as a post at a court musician. His exact role in the court has never been entirely clear. What has been clear; however, was it his reputation as a keyboardist during this time spread throughout the whole region.

Basic overview

Over the course of Bach's life, he worked for numerous courts and especially numerous churches. Bach normally became a music director or something of that caliber wherever he was. Bach provided the whole arsenal of music and enhanced the music of his time.


on a sad note , Bach what has the world considered him as out of date , in terms of composing music . He was still recognized, as an incredible pianist.


Bach had been an extraordinary composer that had a flair for improvising various styles of music. He was also extraordinarily fluent in contrapuntal invention and motivic control. Throughout the last part of this year's he seems to have been caught in this style of Italian dramatic openings for much of his music.