Bell bottoms

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Bell bottoms are pants that are fashionable for everyone who wears them. Bell bottoms have been worn since the 1960s and are popular today. As a sign of love, freedom, and peace, hippies made Bell bottoms a part of their fashion wardrobe along with their tie-dye shirts.

History of bell bottoms

Bell bottoms are pants that become wider at the knee and continue to get wider further down from the knee. They were created in 1817 for sailors to use in their work on the deck of a ship. Because Bell bottoms had flair on the end of the leg of the pant, they were easy to roll up. The bell shaped legs made Bell bottoms easy to take off in case of emergencies. In addition, the legs of Bell bottoms can be tied together; therefore, they can be used as a life preserver.

Bell bottoms today

If people see Bell bottoms from the front or from the back, then Bell bottoms looked like a trumpet or a bell. These pants are sometimes worn by a variety of women from painters to carpenters in order not to get their dust on their shoes. Bell bottoms came into the fashion landscape in the 1960s. People, like hippies wore Bell bottoms with their color shirts. They became popular again in 1990s and in the turn of the century. They were renamed “boot cut” jeans and they are worn by both men and women.