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Boggle is a Hasbro game that is played with 16 letter dice placed in a plastic grid. There is a deluxe version played with 25 dice instead.

The goal of Boggle is to make words from connected dice during a limited time period, usually governed by the hourglass timer accompanying the game.



The dice are shaken, rolled into the spaces on the playing grid and the timer is set. Each player has a pencil and paper on which they record their words. The words must be formed by letters that are touching one another in the correct order.

Once the time has elapsed, each player in turn reads his/her list aloud. Words which are on the list of more than one person are scratched from the lists.


One point is awarded for 3-4 letter words. 2 points for 5 letter words, 3 points for 6 letter words, 5 points for 7 letter words and 11 points for words of 8 or more letters.


Since the inception, editions called "Big Boggle" and "Boggle Master" have been released, changing from a 4x4 to a 5x5 game grid. There is also a "Math Boggle" edition.

Strategy & Tips

Expert players will advise you to memorize a set of standard anagrams for an increased score. The following may also help Boggle players:

  • Look for "s" on the board. This may allow you to get more words when the location is desirable.
  • Look for "ed" and "ing."