Green vehicle

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A Green Vehicle is a vehicle that is tagged with the term “environmental friendly”. This translates in the fact that it does not damage the environment. Several techniques can be used to do this. The more are used the better the vehicle is safe. Two methods of reducing the impact on the surroundings are the use of an alternative type of fuel or energy for running the vehicle or by reducing the amount of petroleum that is used. With the fact that fuel sources will not be found in the future, a special emphasis is put in developing renewable resources. Green vehicle examples can be given in: electric cars, hydrogen car, hybrid cars and sun cars. The latter are used in special competitions called solar car races, held in order to promote “green technology” and green vehicles in general. Any vehicle can turn into a green vehicle by applying special techniques that will reduce the destructive impact it has on the environment. For example one can add ethanol to the fuel one car uses in a maximum amount of 15%. One can even find special places where cars that only use the substance are operated. A diesel powered vehicle can be changed to operate on biodiesel. The European Union is constantly researching and promoting different methods of making vehicles have as little of an impact on the environment as possible.