Guitar solo

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The guitar is the most common do a solo in a rendition and is among the most moving in doing so. The can sway the crowd into a roar or carry the piece for minutes as the band is getting ready for the upcoming chorus or measure.



This was started in Blues and Jazz music, but taken to a new level in rock and metal genres. These two main genres used the guitar solo as a meat and potatoes portion of the song to raise the intensity of the song that was being played. In many cases the guitar can be used as a second voice, one that is just as moving as the vocals. genre of heavy metal.

Electric Guitar

Although any guitar can be used in a solo, for rock and metal it is most common that it is an electric guitar of some sort as these are the most suited for amplifying the pitch and in passing the chords over in a more aggressive fashion that is common for rock and metal as a whole. They are also capable of bending or distorting sound to show a variety of means that can be used to express emotion and passion that other instruments lack.


Using guitar solos as an interlude is something that has been done in rock and blues since the 1940s and early 1950s. This is a way to carry over a song and make it possible for a shorter song to last longer. These solos and others are done in rifts.

Many rock bands have embraced this as well, many bands from the 70’s and 80’s made these interludes a good way to prevent repetition in the song, using a rift in place of a chorus.


Some bands have used guitar solos as an introduction to a song. La Bamba by Richie Valens and Back in Black by AC/DC are good examples of this.