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A magazine is a periodical publication that exists to meet the needs of a variety of audiences.


Financial feasibility

Magazines are usually financially supported in two key ways: via subscription fees and single copy sales and by advertising sales.

Publishing schedule

Magazines are usually published weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. A date appears on the cover that is typically a bit in advance of the actual publish date.


Magazines are usually full color and printed on coated, glossy paper. They’re bound with a cover that is usually a heavier stock than the interior pages. In some cases, the interior pages may be spot color, or printed on newsprint.


Magazines fall into two key categories:

  • Consumer. These magazines are aimed at the public and are typically available through retail sales. They may be focused on general interest and current events or on specific topics that appeal only to people who pursue certain hobbies and other interests. Depending on a magazine, it may be available worldwide, within a nation or within a region. International publications usually feature localized editions of a parent magazine, even when published in the same language. The customer magazine is a subset of this category and refers to a magazine that is issued by an organization or a club in order to communicate with members or customers. These are usually free.
  • Business. These magazines are commonly called trade magazines, or business-to-business publications. They contain news and information that one may find relevant to his or her profession and industry. They may be sold through retail outlets or may be available only via subscription. Academic journals are a subset of this category; these feature scholarly articles that are written to specialists.