March of the Penguins

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In Antarctica, the Emperor Penguins engage in a yearly trek. Every penguin, past breeding age, leaves the ocean and travels all they way to their breeding grounds. This is where they mate and perpetuate their species. Both parents must travel back and forth between the ocean and the breeding grounds to retrieve food.


The breeding ground of the Emperor Penguin sits on solid ice. This protects them from extreme low temperatures and wind. There’s enough hard ice to support their habitat.

As summer progresses, the breeding ground becomes more distant from the ocean. It makes feeding very difficult because the greater the distance, the more opportunities for predators to eat the young.

Eggs must be safely transferred from mother to father so that the mother may return to the ocean for food. The father must protect the young from the cold by keeping it from touching the ground. The males become the sole parent while the mother is gone. She must find food for herself and her young.


There’s not much food for the males while the mother is gone, so if the females do not return with food, the male must abandon the chicks to return to the sea to find food for themselves. They have lost most of their body weight by the time they return to the ocean.

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