Microsoft PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program for Microsoft Windows and MacOS. It is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and is one of the most widely used programs in the field of persuasion technology.


Microsoft PowerPoint is based on a number of simple metaphors. Text, movies and other such entities are referred to as objects which can be placed and can interact inside a slide (which is the homologue of slides used with slide projectors).

A presentation may have multiple slides, with animated transitions between them. PowerPoint's most important features include:

  • Support for a wide number of multimedia objects, including sounds and animations
  • ActiveX and VBA support
  • OLE support, although this has been criticized for tying some presentation to the Windows operating system
  • Graphing possibilities and animation paths
  • Password protection for presentations
  • Automatic generation of photo albums


Although PowerPoint is a powerful tool, major criticism has raged against it in time. The main criticism points include:

  • Its usage as a tool to guide the presenter instead of helping the audience
  • Not allowing complex content to be presented due to the low resolution of computer screens
  • Not allowing the audience to browse the material easily. Attenders have no choice but to look at the whole presentation, even though some parts may not be of interest for them.
  • Making presentation longer than they should be

Using a PowerPoint does involve some effort from the presenter as well. However, poor presentations are easy to create: presenters who simply read the slides to the audience, plain-text presentations or presentations with too many animations and sounds are all various ways to ruin a presentation. This is known as "death by PowerPoint".