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Necklaces are a generalized name for ornaments worn around the neck. These ornaments are made of various materials, and come in many different sizes and lengths. Many necklaces begin with a chain of many links, made in many different sizes. Popular sizes for necklaces are chokers, which fit around the neck in a flat manner. Other popular sizes of necklaces or chains are 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, and 36-inch chains. There are other lengths of chains, as well. Chains for necklaces can be made in many different types and styles of links. Some of the names of these link styles are box, serpent, figaro, Byzantine, and many other styles of chains. Necklaces have various styles of clasps that hold the ends of the necklace together. These clasp styles include the ' c' chain or jump ring clasp, as well as the box clasp and lobster claw clasp.

Chokers are the smallest types of necklace. These were popular in Victorian times as well as being poplar today. Frequently stones, cameos, or other types of decorations were attached to velvet ribbons and worn as necklaces. In Edwardian times, Queen Alexandra of Denmark had a special type of necklace called a collar or dog collar made in precious gems and metals. This collar was designed to fit flat on the neck and hide a scar she had there. This type of dog collar for humans became quite popular during the Edwardian era, and is sometimes a style used to design modern necklaces, also.

Chains themselves can be worn as necklaces, or a chain can have some type of ornamentation added to it. The ornament added to the chain is called a pendant. Pendants can be made out of nearly any kind of precious metal or gemstone, or combination of the two. They decorate the cleavage of a woman in a low cut dress or blouse, and also look grand over a turtleneck sweater.

Necklaces also come in all of the above styles, but in costume jewelry. Costume jewelry has all of the sparkle of precious jewelry but is much less expensive to wear. Other types of necklaces can be made of leather straps, rocks, carved wood, coins or shells.