Personal life

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Personal life is a term ascribed to describe an individual human beings activities and lifestyles. People’s personal lives have changed throughout history and vary through different cultures and socio-economic environments.


Their surroundings, personal physicality and economic constraints determine an individuals personal life. Technologically and economically advanced countries tend to produce a society where personal lives are rich with opportunity and career choice. Western societies such as those in North America and Western Europe encourage inhabitants to broaden their personal life and to heal problems that may arise through the day-to-day activities and stresses, with counselling and life coaching.

Cultural Differences

Personal life has become a modern phrase ingrained in contemporary society. People have enjoyed personal lives for millennia, enjoying employment, activities and past times, but the notion of an individual personal life is very much a modern phenomenon. In the United States the right to a level of privacy and the pursuit are constitutional rights of the general public. In the age of technology the developed world enjoy a huge range of activities, employment as well as communication possibilities that allow individuals to communicate freely with persons all over the world without hindrance. Third world or developing nations have a varied perception of the personal life, often work and family life form the main bulk of what may be considered a personal life. The opportunities are limited due to financial and technological constraints, meaning that they simply cannot access the same level of pastimes, employment or counselling aid.

Career and Pastimes

The modern view of a personal life distinguishes a distinct gulf between work life and home life. Personal life is often seen as the activities that a person enjoys away from the constraints of a working or even home environment. With the increase in high stress and highly specified jobs the distinctions between working culture and that of the supposed personal life need to be clear. It is rare for the two to combine, work life will take precedence for a large portion of time but once concluded most members of the working community will enjoy activities as a form of escapism and relaxation to wind down after the working day.