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A plan is defined as the proposed procedure for the achievement of some objective or goal. There are many types of plans used by people. These can include formal and informal plans. The informal plan is created by many people in the pursuit of personal goals and objectives. The formal plan is used by many persons especially in the workplace. Plans play a large role in projects as well as in specific areas such as military campaigns and combat. Formal plans are often documented to allow better collaboration in the attainment of the desired objectives.


Planning is defined as the process in the creation or modification of a plan. This is the working out of the plan in some degree of detail. Planning also has a more technical definition as it is also used in the area of government legislation. Here it is used to refer to the planned utilization of any and all resources. An example of this is in the Soviet Union's proposed Five-Year Plans that sought to develop the country.

There are many concepts in planning such as top-down planning and bottom-down planning. Planning is related to many fields which include areas such as psychology, communications and information theory. It also uses principles of logic and science in the testing of plans for reliability and consistency. The design of plans depends on the designers, the users and the resources available.

Types of plans

There are many types of plans that exist. These include military plans such as the tactics used in terrorism and counter-terrorism. There are also economic and developmental plans. The number and types of plans that exist are too numerous to mention as plans are used in almost every aspect of life.