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  1. Wild Swans (2356 bytes)
    1: 10 million copies, and remaining on bestseller lists in English-language bookstores around the world. ...
  2. Concentration of media ownership (3307 bytes)
    15: ...iveness|cost effectively]] than a host of small [[Lists of television channels|local stations]]. This is ...
  3. Boggle (1438 bytes)
    8: of more than one person are scratched from the lists.
  4. Massively distributed collaboration (6112 bytes)
    6: ...munication. [[E-mail]] announcement or discussion lists, [[Multiplayer|online gaming]] servers, collabora...
  5. Wedding invitation (1922 bytes)
    11: ...luding maps and directions, a reception card that lists the dates and times of events following the weddi...
  6. Résumé (1909 bytes)
    1: ...o referred to as a curriculum vita. This document lists relevant education and job experience (as well as...
  7. Nutritional facts (2055 bytes)
    13: ... also defined as the “serving size.” First it lists the energy values in both calories and kilojoules...
  8. Blood diseases (2018 bytes)
    16: [[Category:Lists of diseases]]
  9. List of genetic disorders (3000 bytes)
    41: [[Category:Lists of diseases|Genetic disorders]]
  10. Chinua Achebe (1989 bytes)
    6: ...d has been translated into 50 languages. Several lists all over the world list Things Fall Apart as one ...
    29: [[Category:Nigerian novelists|Achebe, Chinua]]
  11. (2291 bytes)
    4: ...e. The possibilities of adding more titles to the lists were endless and led to its evolution.
  12. LiveJournal (2272 bytes)
    7: ... blog to be viewed only by people on their friend lists, or post content only they can read. This makes L...
  13. Constructed language (2028 bytes)
    18: [[Category:Lists of languages]]
  14. Database (3111 bytes)
    5: The specialists tend to contradict among each others when it come...
    16: ...hniques for indexing are hashes, B-trees and link lists.
  15. Quadriplegia (2599 bytes)
    17: [[Category:Lists of people with disabilities]]
  16. Fictional character (2677 bytes)
    19: [[Category:Lists of fictional characters]]
  17. Object Desktop (2483 bytes)
    11: ...nd memory meters to complex MP3 players and To-Do lists.
  18. Crime in Australia (2710 bytes)
    23: [[Category:Australia-related lists|Crime]]
  19. Online casino (2640 bytes)
    8: ...acklist, or player forum. The public can view the lists, but should keep in mind, it is mostly opinion an...
  20. Lisp programming language (3400 bytes)
    7: ... is created as ''s-expressions'' or parenthesized lists.
    20: * In addition, of course linked lists
    22: Since the source code itself depends on linked lists, this programming language can manipulate source ...
    32: All elements surrounded by parentheses are lists.
  21. Perl (3005 bytes)
    51: * Lists or arrays (@)
  22. Bulk mail (2850 bytes)
    13: ...p with to be removed from over 95% of the mailing lists within that region.
  23. Direct marketing (2926 bytes)
    15: ...uster or similar service, and be removed from all lists. This will help ensure the entire household’s o...
    18: careful not to add anyone on their e-mail mail lists unless it is appropriate to do so. Furthermore, b...
    20: ... people the option to be removed from direct mail lists.
  24. John Boswell (3198 bytes)
    12: the realist-nominalist dichotomy. Boswell lists three types of sexual taxonomies:
  25. Film editor (4432 bytes)
    13: ...nt decisions are made for edits. Negative cutting lists are created if the final product is a traditional...
  26. Linked list (3054 bytes)
    3: ...lmost any language supports the implementation of lists. Many of them have the list structures built-in, ...
    7: The linked lists are quite similar to arrays, in the way that they...
    9: ...eues. They are also used to implement association lists, but most programmers prefer to use self-balancin...
    13: ...ems usually take some shortcuts when using linked lists, because they require more storage space.
    17: There are several types of linked lists. These are:
  27. GNU Scientific Library (2181 bytes)
    22: ... GCL library. At the time of writing, the project lists several other platforms as tested and supported, ...
  28. Xor linked list (1947 bytes)
    1: ...ction to decrease memory requirements. XOR linked lists were quite common in the early days of computers,...
    5: ...e interesting. XOR linked lists are doubly-linked lists, but unlike traditional linked list, their nodes ...
    13: Although XOR linked lists were heavily used a few decades ago, their usage ...
    15: ... very hard to debug. The code required to use XOR lists is quite complex, too.
    19: ...odern computer architectures have no use for such lists, since they do have enough memory. Unrolling is g...
  29. Simple DirectMedia Layer (2083 bytes)
    15: The SDL website lists several extensions covering many domains: GUI too...
  30. Citation (1629 bytes)
    8: ... is most often used in social sciences. APA style lists sources at the end of the paper, on a References ...
  31. How to fun activities for one and all (1972 bytes)
    9: ... Both have innumerable activity lists with easy to follow instructions.
  32. List of Quidditch teams (2194 bytes)
    61: [[Category:Quidditch]][[Category:Lists of fictional things|Quidditch teams]]
  33. Telemarketing (2058 bytes)
    7: that help callers have their name removed from lists they do not want to be on as well. Nevertheless, ...
  34. Post office (2708 bytes)
    8: ...e handled, join mailing lists, and manage mailing lists.
    20: ...n and easy administration of thousands of mailing lists for groups of users to share information on commo...
  35. Email authentication (8998 bytes)
    9: ...connect. By the time that address appears on blacklists all over the world, the spammer will have new add...
    19: ...oblem with forwarders, SenderID also with mailing lists (see below). CSV is only about the HELO identity.
  36. Access control (2789 bytes)
    17: like Role based access control, access control lists or a policy language like the XACML.
  37. How to buy a suitable anniversary gift (2029 bytes)
    6: #Consult the lists that show all the major anniversary years with bo...
  38. President of the United States (3474 bytes)
    57: [[Category:Lists of office-holders|United States, President]]
  39. How to be the perfect hostess (2007 bytes)
    5: ...e to not get caught by last minute details. Make lists for everything, guest list, menu, seating, things...
  40. MATLAB (3098 bytes)
    34: ...ult to implement some data structures like linked lists. It also makes using the object-oriented faciliti...
  41. How to install XGL on an ATI card-powered Gentoo Linux machine running KDE (1732 bytes)
    7: . It lists the cards supported by XGL, as well as some issue...
  42. How to use MS-DOS (1751 bytes)
    13: The first command you will learn is "dir". This lists the names of the files in the current directory:
  43. Google (3113 bytes)
    12: ...sual principles. The “ten things” that Google lists as it’s philosophies, are:
  44. Fortune (magazine) (2026 bytes)
    11: ... publishes research as well as ranked lists. Some lists include the Best Companies to Work For as well as...
  45. Forbes (2006 bytes)
    11: ...panies and the richest people in the world. Other lists include the Forbes International 500 and the Forb...
  46. How to take on a programming assignment (3143 bytes)
    23: ... know about pointers if you will implement linked lists. If you do not have the skills, find alternative ...
  47. Crossover (music) (1813 bytes)
    6: ... were also more likely to be included in the play lists of popular radio stations. These songs were succe...
  48. Time management (2920 bytes)
    2: ...are. However planning time and writing down to do lists consumes a lot of time itself. It is due to this ...
    6: limit their time management efforts to keeping lists and notes. They see these papers as reminders. It...
  49. How to learn more about an operating system (1521 bytes)
    11: ...t. This is why you should join forums and mailing lists. Sometimes, you may not even need to post. Readin...
  50. How to improve your typing skills (1418 bytes)
    9: ...t you would normally use a pen for, like shopping lists.

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