Teen film

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One of the most popular types of film is the teen film. A large percentage of the film-going public are aged between 12 and 20 and filmmakers have realised this. Targeting this audience directly has lead to a huge upturn in the numbers of teen films being made but their popularity continues to hold, making them a good investment for the studio.

These films are often criticised for their simplicity and idealistic views but reviews are usually done by people much older than the target viewer. As such, they still achieve box office success, heightened by the fact that many are made on a low budget, making the profit margin much higher.


Teen films do not always deal with the same issues, but there are some themes which are dealt with more often than others. Generally these films are feel-good, and although they may have some unhappy times in them they inevitably end with a happy ending.

Popular themes are things which are relevant to the audience, the majority of which are still school pupils, and so the setting is often at a school or college. Bullying, love and friendship recur often but at times more controversial issues are raised, such as drugs and sex.

The protagonist almost always ends up doing the right thing, the bully gets their comeuppance and the object of their crush is found to be a loser in almost every case. This makes parents feel confident that their children can watch them as they tend to have a moral to them and don’t advocate bad behaviour.


While teen films are more prevalent now than ever, they have been around for many years and some are thought of as modern classics. Films such as Pretty in Pink and Footloose still maintain their popularity today, twenty years after their release. Recent releases such as She’s All That and Bring It On tend to be slightly less gritty and so it remains to be seen if they will still be remembered in two decades time.

Many teen films have now been so embraced by the public that it is hard to remember that they came from a teen film background. Examples include Grease and Dirty Dancing which seem to be introduced to new generations during their teen years but which stay with them throughout their life, highlighting their mass appeal.