The Economist

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The Economist is a publication of The Economist Newspaper Ltd of London, UK. It is published weekly and covers international affairs. Its key areas of interest include news, politics, economics, finance and business. It also covers some technology, science and art related stories. This publication is considered a newspaper but unlike conventional newspaper print is printed in the glossy paper characteristic of magazines. This newspaper has been in circulation since September 1843 and its circulation is presently up to approximately one million copies per week.


The paper focuses on news, politics and business and includes an in-depth analysis of a business issue every two weeks. It also publishes a technology survey every three months. The articles printed are presented in an editorial page format meaning no author is accredited with the ownership of the article. Even the editor does not print their name in the paper until the end of their tenure. In some cases authors are printed but only when notable individuals contribute pieces, when surveys are complied or when certain conflicts are highlighted.

The writing style is one that is considered tight as the most information possible is included in a limited column format. The articles normally include some witticism which is a trademark of this newspaper and considered a reason for its popularity. It is also considered famous for its tradition of using a Big Mac index to compare purchasing power parity between two currencies and recently the addition of a Starbucks tall latte index.


The newspaper supports free markets and is against socialism. It is a supporter of globalization and social liberalism. Social liberalism is often considered to be left-wing but is now favored by some. This support of social liberalism is derived directly from the newspaper's roots which do not favor government interference in social or economic activity.