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The term thriller is a broad heading under which a number of different genres can sit quite happily. The element which is constant between them all is that the plot has some form of suspense to it, with the aim of making the audience tense and desperate for the successful conclusion of the film.

Generally these films have some form of adventure to them, but it can be that there is a mystery which needs to be solved and they often feature a crime of some sort. This can be, and often is, murder based, whether a murderer needs catching before they kill again, or they have taken a hostage who needs to be freed before a certain deadline in order for them to be kept alive.

Count Dracula

One of the most popular characters to be featured in films is that of Count Dracula. He has appeared in numerous films, including the simple-titled Dracula when he was famously played by Bela Lugosi. This story is a great example of a classic thriller as it revolves around Dracula’s bad guy and the plot to overcome him and prevent him from continuing his evil work. As time passes a real sense of urgency and fear is developed and the audience are desperate for the end of Dracula and the return to safety for the general public.

Modern films

The thriller has proved a popular genre and there has been no reduction in the amount of films being produced which fit into this category. The Bourne Identity and its sequel, The Bourne Supremacy are acclaimed as being excellent examples of the thriller. Containing elements of both drama and action, these films have wide appeal and were very successful around the globe.