Wedding invitation

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A wedding invitation is used to invite a person or people to attend a wedding ceremony.



Wedding invitations can vary in type and appearance. Typically they have fancy writing (calligraphy) or are printed with engraving, thermography, letterpress or blind embossing.

They’re typically mailed in two envelopes, the inner of which is lined and not gummed. It fits within the outer envelope, which is sealed and addressed. Often, a pre-stamped and pre-addressed reply card is included to assure the couple can provide the caterer an estimate of the number of guests who will be attending the wedding.


Wedding invitations are typically sent out six weeks in advance.

They include information that guests who plan on the wedding may find useful, including maps and directions, a reception card that lists the dates and times of events following the wedding and information on lodging, flights, ground transportation and more.

Save the Date cards

A Save the Date card is sent up to one year before the wedding. It gives guests the date of the wedding and provides information on travel and lodging arrangements. It is typically sent to out of town guests.

It is not considered a substitute for a wedding invitation.

The envelope

In the United States, the postal service provides several love stamps that are denominated to cover the cost of mailing an invitation and reply card together.

Love stamps are common on invitations in other countries that use stamps.

Wedding invitations in pop culture

Susan, George Costanza’s fiancée on “Seinfeld,” was killed from licking toxic wedding invitations. George, typically a cheapskate, picked out the invitations because they were expensive. It turned out that they contained a toxic glue. Many fans of the show did not approve of this effort by the show’s writers to get George out of his wedding.