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Bracelets are clothing or pieces of jewelry that are worn around the wrists. One bracelet or many bracelets may be worn on each wrist. Bracelets are made of many materials such as cloth, precious or non-precious metals, natural items such as stones, wood or shells, and gemstones. Bracelets are used in hospitals for identification, as well as having bracelets describe medical conditions to emergency medical technologists during medical emergencies.

ID bracelets are also fashion statements. Medical ID bracelets can be made of precious metals. Non- medical ID bracelets have the name of the owner engraved on part of the bracelet. Sometimes lovers have their initials or names engraved on this type of bracelet, too.

Bracelets can be made out of precious metals such as gold and silver. These bracelets can be bangle bracelets, which slide over the hand onto the wrist, or bracelets with clasps that fasten the bracelet on the wrist. Bracelets are also made of hemp and leather, often with natural stones, shells and beads for decoration. Tennis bracelets became popular in the 1980's when worn by tennis star Chris Evert. This type of bracelet was set with many inline diamonds in a flexible setting.

Macramé knots in hemp with beads are popular types of bracelets. Soft hemp rope is adorned with round beads to make a bracelet that is one of a kind. Friendship bracelets were made in this same manner in the 1980's and are still popular today.

Charm bracelets can be made of either silver or gold. The basic bracelet is usually made using wide links like the figaro link chain. Charms representing the owner's interests and hobbies are soldered onto the bracelet in the links, creating a flashy and interesting jewelry keepsake and conversation piece.