Computer and video games

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Computer and video games are very similar. A computer game is a computer-controlled game. A video game is a computer game where a video display device, such as a monitor or television, is used. The term computer game may also refer to text only games, or games that use some other method of feedback, such as sound or vibration. In common usage, a computer game refers to a game played on a personal computer. A console game is one that is played on a specifically designed box, through a television. A video game can be any of these.


Developed in the 1950’s, early computer and video games ran on university mainframes and EDSAC (early British) computers. Noughts and Crosses, the very first video game, was a computer version of tic-tac-toe. Games continued to be developed over the next decade, and in 1968, Ralph Baer (who would later be known as the ‘’Father of Video Games’’), applied for the first patent on a video game. The 1970’s are sometimes called the ‘’Golden Age of Arcade Games’’. The first coin operated game was created in 1971, and was commonly seen in bars and taverns. They were not all that popular at first, but with the release of PONG, the era of arcades was in full swing. It was during this time as well, that home video game consoles hit the market. During the so-called ‘’Video Game Crash of 1983’’, several companies that sold home computers, and video game consoles, went bankrupt. There was a gap of about three years with a limited market for home computers and video game consoles. The success of the Nintendo Entertainment System put an end to the slump in 1985. By the late 1980’s portable game consoles were widely used, and today video games can even be played on cellular telephones.

The future

The next generation of console gaming will be powered by Cell processor technology, allowing the player to interact with the game via motion sensing controllers. There will also be a shift from media-based games to downloaded content, making gameplay faster and smoother than ever before.