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Earrings are decorations for the ear. Earrings can be made of many materials. Some are made of precious metals. Others are made of natural or synthetic materials such as bone or other hard materials. Clip earrings have a device that clips the earring to the ear. Pierced earrings fit onto the ear itself, through a hole or piercing in the ear. Ear piercing is putting a hole through the outer ear skin or cartilage, usually using a needle specifically for this purpose. Most frequently the earlobe is pierced, though the cartilage of the upper ear is pierced sometimes, also.

Earrings are made of many different materials. Earrings can be made of precious metals such as gold and silver. Sometimes a gemstone is added to the earring setting. Other metals, beads, and precious stones can also be used to make earrings. Earrings can range in size from small stud earrings, which look like dots of gold or gemstones, to huge hoop-style earrings or chandelier earrings. Heavy earrings will stretch out the earlobe.

Most cultures have some form of earring as an ear decoration. Some cultures pierce baby girl's earrings shortly after they are born. In North America, as well as in other cultures, both men and women wear earrings.

Most earrings are pierced, and are made with either posts or wires. Stud earrings give the appearance of a floating dot on the ear, and use posts to attach the metal or stone to the ear. These posts have a clutch or back that attaches the post through the earring.

Hoop earrings are semi-circular or circle shaped. They attach to the ear through a metal wire, from which the decoration or ornament dangles. Sometimes the circular shape itself is the design of the earring. A section of the tubing of this type of earring opens and closes to take the earring off and on, making the earrings easy to change and comfortable to wear.

Dangle earrings are designed to dangle from the earlobe. They may be short or quite long, depending on the look wanted by the wearer. Ornamentation can hang from dangle earrings, such as gemstones. Many more types of earring exist, in styles to suit every taste.