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One uses the term writer to describe anyone who has created a written work. Typically, however, this word is used to describe someone who has written creatively or professionally or has written in a wide variety of forms.

Role of writers

A skilled writer can use language to communicate ideas and images in both fiction and non-fiction works. Writers can produce work in a variety of forms, which include poetry, prose, music, novels, lyrics, etc. Writer is a broad classification that contains many subgroups. Subgroups include poets, novelists, composers, lyricists, playwrights, journalists, scriptwriters, etc.

Frequently, the work of a writer will contribute to the cultural identity of a society, which may view a writer’s work as literature or art (on a similar scale as visual arts), music, craft or performance art (as in drama or stage productions).

Other uses of the term

Writers also fall into other occupations and still consider themselves writers. Conventionally, however, this may be considered an alternative use of the term. For example, those who write advertising material, entertainment material and graffiti often call themselves writers. This type of writing is considered less serious than the forms mentioned above. Some cartoonists consider themselves to be writers in addition to an artist; in this view a cartoon writer/artist assumes the same role as a scriptwriter. “Writing an icon” involves the creation of religious icons (as opposed to painting or sculpting). This iconographer may be considered a writer.

The word writer can also refer to mechanical writing. Court reporters at times refer to their machine as a writer and some word processors (like OpenOffice.org Writer and Nisus Writer) are referred to as writers.