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An aphrodisiac is commonly understood to be an item of food or drink that when consumed causes the arousal of sexual desire and enhances performance. Most cultures have some items they have traditionally considered aphrodisiac, such as oysters and the dried penis (now horn) of rhino. Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love.

Some aphrodisiacs bear physical resemblance to aroused human genitalia, while other contain higher concentrations of micronutrients and compounds such as zinc in oysters, and phenylethelamine in chocolate, that research shows might stimulate sexual appetites, and still others produce similar physical side-effects to sexual arousal, such as panting and flushing. Finally, eating good food with a companion is considered an aphrodisiac, because of the hedonistic pleasure involved. A number of items thought to be sexually stimulating are either now illegal, such as tiger parts and rhino horns in east Asia.

Food considered aphrodisiac in different parts of the world include: oysters, rhino horn, asparagus, leeks, tiger parts, ginger, deer antlers, snake blood, ambergris, turtle eggs and if course, the legendary, if double-edged Spanish fly, and alcoholic beverages.