Buying diamonds

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When purchasing a diamond for matters of personal value or financial investment, it is important integral to know the basics and more.

Also a superficial knowledge of the wide variety of diamonds available on the market can be quite nerve-wracking, it's really usueful to have a solid grounding regarding the market value of genuine gemstones and also the basic signs to identify high quality as well as poor quality diamonds.


Understanding the diamond marketplace

First, diamonds are marketed around the globe and are entered into a system established in New York to appraise exact market value to the industry. These values are the principal benchmark for diamond dealers along with the Rapaport Diamond Report, which is amended each month. A great deal of wholesale dealers restrict their prices to these guidelines and prices will not deviate by more than a couple percent throughout the world. This gives a certain stability, which generally permits the buyer to have trust in the price being asked.

However this is the basic wholesale price, to which must be added sales taxes and import duties, which vary depending on the country. As the buyer you must relate to the selling price, which will certainly vary. it's challenging to analogize prices on the marketplace as the worth of a stone will change and without a true comparison you only have the jeweler’s report and certificate as a benchmark when trying to figure out value. The value of the diamond is vital to both its suitability within an item of jewelry and its monetary value .

How to avoid fake and synthetic diamonds

Even though there are man-made diamonds made, they are not for the most part of gem size and are mainly used for industry purposes. But there are quite many artificial stones, which appear of superb quality and even compare with some diamonds in their brilliance. Nonetheless, the singular method to avoid the difficulty is to trade directly with a single diamond trader so that you are certain that every stone is authentic and with no imperfections.

Diamonds and Carats

A diamond's weight is measured in ‘carats’. This decides most of its worth so the deeper proportioned stones will be of greater and cost and value whereas the shallow shaped stones will therefore be cheaper and quite usually will be seen as suitable for further use once set in a piece of jewelry.

The content on every diamond's certificate put up for sale will also usually give the diameter and it is then possible to double check the gemstone you are considering buying as some difference may happen here. The standard diameter for a 1 carat diamond is 6.5 millimeters.

Diamond's shapes and colors

The figure of a diamond is quite essential as well as its final ‘cut’ which will determine its luminosity. Usually a round stone with a intricate faceting such as the ‘Princess Diamond' is very well-liked but this differs according to the current fashion trends. The stone's color is still the most popular in its pristine translucency which means that white diamonds still hold ascendancy in this regard. Nonetheless, some tinted diamonds which are found naturally and those are starting to become progressively the favorites. But the available techniques for diamond's coloring are changing, as are the ways of disguising imperfections. So be wary of those factors. Commercial gains in value will receive technological progressions.

Diamond fluorescence However, most diamonds, will show a degree of fluorescence. Ask for the fluorescence test, which in case it gives a strong reaction isn't as favorable as another stone sue to the fact that the stone might change its color under various different conditions and light.

Understanding diamond investing

If you are shopping for an investment diamond, you have to be more choosy. Research all knowledge you can prior to you purchasing a diamond so that you can count on the fact that in time it will return you more $$ than you paid.

Looking for the most expensive diamond for sale as an investment?

The amazing Sotheby’s D-Grade white diamond is arguably the finest for sale in the world. What makes it so extraordinary is the near total absence of any flaws and the whooping 108 carats. Price tag is US$16,000,000.

Buying a diamond in a jewelry shop

On the other hand, if you are in need of a diamond which is already set in a ring it's not unusual that you have no alternative but to rely on the trustworthiness of the seller and this will surely make your decision simpler as it will be mostly confined to the appearance and beauty in the diamond's appearance, already presented in the jewelry of your desire. Remember that a diamond will always be splendid in the eyes of the recipient.