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A jukebox is a device designed with the purpose of playing music. It is usually coin operated and will be semi automated in most cases. Money is put in it, a song is chosen from an included musical library and the chosen piece of music is played. The most common perception of the jukebox appears to the classical jukebox. It is a big device that presents a rounded top and many lights playing together with the music.


The evolution of jukeboxes started with coin-operated music boxes and automated pianos. They were present at almost any amusement park or different public places. Because of the popularity they had, it quickly became obvious that this should be exploited. Phonographs that are more complex were built and some of them are still operational today. Before the introduction of home audio equipment, the people experienced the coin-operated phonograph. It is the direct ancestor of the jukebox, which was first mentioned in 1930 in the United States of America. At first, the records used were 78 rpm, then 45-rpm vinyl records were introduced and eventually the compact disc became popular in jukeboxes in 1980. The end of the 20th century presented another achievement. Compact discs were replaced by digital support capable of downloading music from secure connections.


The design of the modern jukebox is very complex and with a specific attention towards the esthetical impact it can have on the surroundings. The first ones were just large boxes that were coin operated. Specialists are considering the gothic styled jukebox used around the 1940s as the best design they ever had. As time passed, the boxes became more thoroughly designed. Several stylists made their mark on them and kept changing how they looked. Nowadays one may easily notice the desire to preserve the original design. This is mainly because of the popularity jukeboxes have. Most people have a picture in mind and that is of the ones that they have seen in movies. Although the jukeboxes may seem old or may not be a right choice for the surroundings they are still appreciated. Even modern devices will borrow the old look and combine it with up to date technology.

Other uses of the word

The word “jukebox” can have other meanings as well. It is the name of an album released by Jamaaladeen Tacuma and of a Romanian blues band. A computer device called jukebox is a storage unit that uses optical disks to store data. One may also find some portable devices with incorporated hard disks that are named jukeboxes.