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A logo is an icon or symbol that is reflective of the a company, its product, or its personality. Logos are symbolic brands that signify what the company stands for. Commonly the colorations of the logo are suited for the country of if possible, the type of work that the company does.

Logo’s importance

The logo should be very unique for it will be the standard or brand that is seen the most. On a business card, invoice, bill, internet page, or vehicles should display this logo. If anything, the logo should be at the very least as important as the name of the company, if not more.

Many times companies or individuals attempt to make a logo as a picture or a symbol, yet the really ideal logos utilize the name or a unique font and the name. McDonald’s logo is the golden arches. United Airlines uses the red and blue U’s on a white standard. The logo should ideally be related to the name.

Slogans and brand slogans

Many times a logo has a slogan within it, this isn’t always the case, but some companies rely on the slogan to add distinction to the logo. iPod, Amazon.com, and Ryanair are good examples of this.

The key difference between slogans and brand slogans is that slogans can change over time or over differing marketing ploys. A brand slogan will seldom change as it is tied to the brand and would not be ideal to have change.

Designing a logo

There are countless companies out there and many of them have between one and three logos. This can make for a problem with making a logo. You don’t want to replicate another one and you don’t want to have one that is too difficult to recognize.

The key tips are to make the logo unique, something that is not out there. Try to make it related to the name of the company and if possible simple. Also try to make it with simple colors and nothing that has a bunch of little add on graphics. Remember McDonalds and United, they have very simple logos and are very easy to remember. That is the same idea that other companies should strive for.