Mobile cinema

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A mobile cinema is exactly what its name suggests. A set of cinematic equipment which can be transported to almost any location, a mobile cinema allows films to be shown outside of traditional venues such as cinemas. The Screen Machine Mobile Cinema is an example of such a mobile cinema and it is a state of the art version. Modern films are shown to audiences who are able to listen to it in full surround sound, whilst seated on traditional tiered level seating. Full access is also provided for disabled patrons and it offers many of the comforts you would expect to find in a traditional cinema.

African history

The mobile cinema was popular in Africa during the colonial years; however they were on a much smaller scale to today’s Screen Machine Mobile Cinema. Land Rovers were used to transport and display a small screen made of linen. A portable generator provided the power source which enabled the basic projector and speakers to function. The films shown were not those seen today but were propaganda for the politicians in the country, or educational films, rather than for entertainment purposes. They were generally shown in the evenings when it was dark, both for atmospheric purposes and also because it allowed the picture to be more visible on the screen. The mobile cinema allowed messages to reach rural areas which had no access to traditional cinemas.


The aforementioned Screen Machine Mobile Cinema was developed for use in the Scottish Highlands. Covering a surface area greater than that of Belgium, but with a population of approximately 368,000, very few facilities exist for the residents to visit cinemas. Since its first screening in April 2000 audience figures have slowly but steadily grown. Through the summers of 2000 and 2001 the mobile cinema was hired to undertake a tour of Bosnia for the benefit of the armed forces stationed there. It proved to be a huge success and the army now have a unit of their own to show recent films and provided light relief for the troops.