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Collaboration refers to individuals or groups of individuals working together for a common interest. Generally the individual people or groups of people collaborate to pool up their skills and talents for completeness of their targeted work schedules. With the advent of Telecommunications, internet, collaborated editing, digital communications, computer to computer mediations, the collaborative projects and work schedules has geared up a high quality work targets, within a timeframe schedule. Let the works be related to IT, Software, civil engineering marvels, gigantic structures, in R&D for a product, a business deal etc.

In the current era of globalization, competitors are forced to accept challenges in works. This has pressurized the groups of people to opt for collaborations with other societies or groups of people to benefit all the participating parties. In any collaboration, it is mandatory to work hand in hand in each increment of targeted work progressive with quality and reasonable cost.


However the collaboration is embedded with it a set of barriers. These may be due to disputes or differences of opinion in technical tools, methodologies, cost and finance, compatibility, personality clashes and some time petty failures by one or the other participating groups. Other barriers are People are reluctant to share their know-how at times of need. Overlooking a research based technical or business solutions already developed elsewhere or lack of right manpower for a right work at the specified time.


Some of the features of the collaboration are:

  • Some of the Prerequisites for successful collaborative ventures are sharing of common objectives, feel of urgency, work commitments, active processes, sense of responsibility,

access for instant communications, managerial trusts and respects, mutual appreciations, effective implementations, compliments, utilization of suitable skills and knowledge data base.

  • Correct group of work executives, communication and collaboration skills, practice schemes, efficient work facilitator, and mindset and time management other appropriate tools.
  • The objective of using this route is collectively contributed individual talents and skills that other groups don’t have to add up for successful completion of the task.
  • In collaborative works, targeted outcome is innovative, unique, breakthrough achievements, and an accomplishment and work satisfaction of doing the work collective

Types of collaboration

The types of collaboration are as follows:

  • Wartime collaboration- collaboration during emergency periods to combat all the possible threats of the enemy country occupying one’s host country, threats like occupying power, murders, prosecution, pillage, economic exploitations, besides participating in the puppet government.
  • Commercial / Scientific Collaboration- The partners come together, work with collaboration either in the same campus or different campus for a research project or an invention. The working group unfolds the mysterious problems that come on the way which are may be breakthroughs. The scientific research costs can be reduced if collaboration is planned and tied up with other working groups.
  • Musical collaboration- Musical collaboration is involvement of different musicians or groups of musicians, from different parts, each with a talent, unique to the musician(s) enough to form an album. Music collaborations help in writing special software to facilitate music over internet, VS Tunnel etc.