Process management

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Process management is a set of activities that plan and monitor the performance of a process. This is used especially in business processes but often mixed up with reengineering. This field applies knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in the control and improvement of processes. The aim of improving processes is normally to meet customer requirements while gaining the most profits. The ISO 9000 quality system mandates the process approach to management of organizations.

Business process definitions

A business process is often considered to be the recipe to the achievement of a commercial result. All business processes have inputs, method and outputs. The inputs are what are required before the method can be utilized. On application of the method to the input the output is generated.

Another definition is that a business process is a set of related structural activities that make something of worth to the organization. This definition refers to the processes through which a product or service can be provided to the customers. It is also often thought akin to a cookbook for the running of a business and attaining business goals.

Process management in business

In the management of business processes it is essential to identify the core as well as the support processes. The core processes are those that deliver or provide customer value. They are often part of the core business. An example of this is the delivery of goods. This is one process that can be managed to achieve better efficiency.

The supporting processes are also important as they function to keep the business running. These processes include examples such as accounting and IT support. These processes are also managed in process management.