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Self-assessment, as applied to an organization, is defined as a comprehensive, systematic and regular review of its activities and results. This is based on the EFQM Excellence Model. Utilizing this model, an organization can determine its strengths and weaknesses and take action as necessary for improvements and monitoring.

Self-assessment can also be done in an educational capacity where individuals make judgments on their own work. This is of great value as it aids in assisting students to critique their own work, find flaws and identify how improvements can be made.

EFQM Excellence Model

The European Foundation for Quality Management successfully helps organizations to improve their systems of management. The European Foundation for Quality Management, or EFQM, has set forward a framework for assisting companies to be more competitive. This framework is based on the EFQM Excellence Model. This model assists in the implementation of a proper management system by identifying gaps and simulating solutions. It aids in determining whether companies are on the road to success and excellence.

There are nine major criteria utilized in this model identified by two major classes:

  • Enablers – which show what an organization does.
  • Results – which show the achievements of an organization.

The model shows that there are many ways to achieve success in performance, but that this success is dependent on leadership which drives policy and strategies towards improvement and that is delivered processes, resources and partnerships. Research has indicated that using management models like EFQM Excellence Model have improved organizational results.

Importance of management models

Management models serve in four major ways:

  • In the development of clear goals for the future.
  • To identify the key processes in their organization by highlighting the key linkages and cause and effect relationships.
  • To promote excellence in quality by use of the models.
  • As a means of assessing the health of an organization.